The GMRIGS Group was set up in 2004 to continue the work started in the 1970s by Manchester Museum staff as part of a national museum initiative to record local examples of geological importance. Most of the people currently involved are members of the Manchester Geological Association. The MGA has supported GMRIGS both financially and with geological expertise, as have other geoconservation organisations, including Natural England and the British Geological Survey.


What do we do? We have over 700 site records, created in the 1970s which are systematically being revisited. Each site, if it still exists, is assessed using UKRIGS criteria to see whether it should be designated as a RIGS to represent the geodiversity in Greater Manchester. If it is, a report is submitted to the relevant local authority for approval and then the site is added to their planning database. If at some later date a development is planned for that area, the value of the RIGS site affected will be considered by the planners when making their decisions.


GMRIGS is also a member of GeoConservation UK (formerly UKRIGS), the body which co-ordinates and represents local RIGS groups nationally.


If you would like to get involved, please contact

Dr Christine Arkwright, GMRIGS Secretary